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Most Famous Security Guards in History

Posted on by The IBWEST Team

Where celebrity and history is concerned, even the most simple of jobs can land an individual in the spotlight. If you’ve been the bodyguard of Abraham Lincoln or Muhammad Ali, then you’re bound to get a little windfall of fame and fortune for doing a good job and standing out from the crowd. Here are … Continue reading

What Do You Need to Become a Security Guard?

Posted on by The IBWEST Team

We’ll take you through all you need to know to be a competent and highly respected security guard. Whether you are training for the role or are a veteran in the trade, we have something for everyone, from technical requirements to attitudes and aptitudes. Let’s see what you’ll require to be a security employee that … Continue reading

Safety Deposit Boxes vs Home Safes

Posted on by The IBWEST Team

Home security is especially important if you’re looking to protect valuables and priceless items from burglary. Perimeter fencing, alarms and remote CCTV is all well and good but for total peace of mind, a lockable, secretly concealed safe is sometimes the only option. The key decision you have to make is, should you entrust your … Continue reading

The Biggest Security Breaches in History

Posted on by The IBWEST Team

Even the largest institutions in the world suffer breaches in security. Some faults are down to human error, others are mechanical or digital failures and some are just plain old bad luck. Let’s take a look at 4 of the most infamous security breaches in history. Fake Cardinal Sneaks into the Conclave As the leader … Continue reading

The 3 Biggest Security Mistakes All Companies Make

Posted on by The IBWEST Team

You should never ignore opportunities to improve the security measures of your business. It’s all part of the risk management process which is ongoing in all sizes of business, whether they’re an industry leader or a brand new startup. With the safety of staff, customers, assets and finances at risk every day, it’s wise to … Continue reading

How Private Security Helps Your Business

Posted on by The IBWEST Team

Taking on a private security company to deal with external threats to your business is the best investment you can make that’ll ensure the safety of your employees and premises. It’s inevitable that at some point your property will be victim to some form of criminal activity – whether that’s vandalism, petty theft or burglary. … Continue reading

12 Signs Your Business Needs a Security Guard

Posted on by The IBWEST Team

There are numerous reasons to start taking security within your organisation more seriously. From petty thefts to physical altercations, you need to be ready to deal with whatever the world of work has to throw at you. To alleviate your fears, a hired security guard should always be a consideration. So, what are the signs … Continue reading

Why you should outsource your security guards

Posted on by The IBWEST Team

When you outsource your security guard needs to a private company, you can be certain of a professional service by fully trained personnel. There’s no need to conduct employee interviews and source a second opinion on candidates if you are inexperienced with security matters yourself. This frees up a worthwhile amount of time, so you … Continue reading

Does your business have a security plan?

Posted on by The IBWEST Team

As creatures of habit we all like to repeat our daily tasks in a planned and uniform manner so that we know what, how and why a task was done. This is no different while at work and is very important for your business security. Adequate safety and security procedures protect staff and customers, and … Continue reading

Do I Need to Install CCTV for my Business?

Posted on by The IBWEST Team

CCTV is an increasingly popular security measure used in shops and many other medium-to-large businesses. Should a crime occur on your premises, CCTV will make it easier for the police to charge criminals for their actions and it’s a proven method that has increased conviction rates. This month, Ibwest Security are taking a look at … Continue reading

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Ibwest Security Services Limited currently holds SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) status for the provision of Security Guarding and Key Holding.

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