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The 3 Biggest Security Mistakes All Companies Make

The 3 Biggest Security Mistakes All Companies Make

Posted on by The IBWEST Team

You should never ignore opportunities to improve the security measures of your business. It’s all part of the risk management process which is ongoing in all sizes of business, whether they’re an industry leader or a brand new startup.

With the safety of staff, customers, assets and finances at risk every day, it’s wise to periodically assess your security protocols to keep up to date with the latest trends and fix any glaring anomalies. To help you avoid any costly hiccups, here are the top 3 biggest mistakes that all businesses make at some point or other.


1. Failure To Communicate Effectively Between Teams

Communication breakdown

Your business may be made up of many smaller teams but they must all work together as one.
This is never more important than when it comes to security. You may have a sales team on the shop floor, but they need to know their security guards well and be happy to approach them about developing situations or current security weaknesses.
Also, management must not be left out of the security briefing from various members and levels of staff. Usually, this requires the management to be proactive and security conscious.


2. Undocumented Changes To Protocol

Change is good. It means progress to many businesses but when change is implemented on the fly, that’s when things can go wrong.

To stay on top of your security protocols, insist to managers that any changes to the norm are documented with a reason for the change. They can then be reviewed at a later date and the changes written into the protocol, so that it becomes a company-wide policy.
Human Error

3. Failure To Account For Human Error

We all make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes can cost us big.
That’s okay, though. After all, we’re all human.
But don’t forget it.


Just because you and your employees are working with computers doesn’t mean that the break in the firewall is down to a system failure. If there has been any manual input involved with any job, check it and check it again.

Sometimes all it takes is a slip up in one employee’s typing and you’ve got a very big problem on your hands.
Thankfully, once the mistake has been traced to its source, it is usually easy to put right or, at the very least, limit any further damage.


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