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12 Signs Your Business Needs a Security Guard

There are numerous reasons to start taking security within your organisation more seriously. From petty thefts to physical altercations, you need to be ready to deal with whatever the world of work has to throw at you. To alleviate your fears, a hired security guard should always be a consideration.

So, what are the signs that you require a professional security guard?

You lack the resources to handle emergencies

If you are a small business it’s hard to cover all bases where emergencies are concerned. A professional security guard is trained to handle all types of emergency situation, from physical conflicts to petty theft.

You have no safety professionals on site

It can help to allow employees to take on safety, health and fire officer roles but eventually their time and expertise in these areas will be spread too thin. A security guard is a single point of contact for all three areas of business management, and can help relieve the burden from your employees, so they can do what they do best – run your business.

You have a high number of occupants

As your employee numbers increase so too does the chance of accidents and emergencies. You’ll never know what a security guard can do until you contract one as part of your staff.

You serve alcohol

If you serve alcohol on your premises, the chances of volatile situations increases exponentially. To diffuse tense situations quickly and effectively, the only route is to hire professional security. Not only can they de-escalate arguments and fights, their visible presence will also deter that kind of behaviour in the first place.

You don’t keep records

If you don’t have time to keep records regarding personnel, property and safety, then a security guard can go a long way to alleviating this worry. It’s an important issue for liability and can help in many other areas, such as bookkeeping and insurance claims.

You have issues with liability

If you don’t keep regular records for accidents or keep company property inventories, then you’ll have issues with liability and culpability, too. A security guard can cover this for you.

You have issues with retail theft

With retail, comes theft. It’s just a fact that at some point your retail business will be hit by either petty theft (shoplifting) or an organised act of theft, often involving big ticket items. Your first line of defense here should be a manned security presence.

You are worried about theft by employees

Of course, we like to trust our employees, especially those that have served a company for a long period of time. What is less certain is new employees and employee behaviour when they are in a position of trust. If you have any doubt, then a security guard will help minimise these problems.

You are located in a high crime area

Whatever sector you work in, whether it’s services or retail, you’ll benefit from a security guard if you’re located in a high crime area.

You have a car park

A large car park is often a source of customer disputes. Driving and delays during peak times can cause customer conflicts, especially if cars are in some way damaged by uncareful driving. Security guards maintain control of situations if there is a need.

You have early start times and late finishes

Businesses are vulnerable late at night or early in the morning. To protect your business and employees who are opening or closing the premises, you’ll want security guards to be present from start to finish.

There is delay in police response in your area

With budget cuts to emergency services and police station closures in remote and urban areas, you’ll want to check what the average police response time is in your area. If it’s too high, your peace of mind will suffer. Employ an on site security professional who can keep situations under control, whether the police are on their way or not.


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