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Does Your Business Have A Security Plan?

As creatures of habit we all like to repeat our daily tasks in a planned and uniform manner so that we know what, how and why a task was done. This is no different while at work and is very important for your business security.

Adequate safety and security procedures protect staff and customers, and in many instances they are required by law. They can vary, from simple procedures like double checking a door is locked, to more complicated procedures, like learning how to use an alarm system or coordinating security staff.

The size of your business premises

This will directly affect the intensity of your security measures. A small office with five workers isn’t going to need the same level of security or a complex security plan when compared to a multi-national. However, size isn’t everything. If you want to protect employees and customers, ensuring your staff know the security plan inside out is the first step to optimising your business security. This should be done regardless of staff numbers or square meterage.

Business growth

You will start your business with the intention of growing it into something bigger and more impressive than the model you started with. A security plan will ensure that your business growth is not stunted or stopped dead in its tracks by avoidable problems such as theft. With this in mind, you have to plan ahead for the future. If turnover is healthy and you are employing new staff, then protect your investment. Your products, clientele, staff and ultimately success in the years to come makes the development of your security plan worthwhile.

Equipment, information and personnel

What do you need to protect? Whether it’s a secret recipe for special sauce or the lives of your employees, to function as a business you must make a security plan that meets your needs.

There is no one measure that will cover everything in your business, so make your plans detailed but simple, and make sure to share them! Your employees need to know how you expect them to keep the security of the business in the forefront of their minds. So, it’s best to train them in security and safety procedures as soon as they are under your employ.

For basic ideas of the areas you need to cover with your security plan, consider our suggestions below:

  • Cash up only when the shop floor is secured
  • Employ security staff
  • Install a CCTV system
  • Protect vulnerable employees
  • Lock all doors and windows
  • Remove equipment from vehicles/shopfronts overnight


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