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The 3 Biggest Security Mistakes All Companies Make

You should never ignore opportunities to improve the security measures of your business. It’s all part of the risk management process which is ongoing in all sizes of business, whether they’re an industry leader or a brand new startup. With the safety of staff, customers, assets and finances at risk every day, it’s wise to periodically assess your security protocols to keep up to date with the latest trends and fix any glaring anomalies. To help you avoid any costly hiccups, here are the top 3 biggest mistakes that all businesses make at some point or other.   1. Failure To…

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How Private Security Helps Your Business

Taking on a private security company to deal with external threats to your business is the best investment you can make that’ll ensure the safety of your employees and premises. It’s inevitable that at some point your property will be victim to some form of criminal activity – whether that’s vandalism, petty theft or burglary. In these economically rocky times, it’s a smart move to avoid any unnecessary expenditure caused by damages or loss, so opt for a turnkey service in the form of a manned security presence. Below are the top 5 ways in which your business security can be…

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12 Signs Your Business Needs a Security Guard

There are numerous reasons to start taking security within your organisation more seriously. From petty thefts to physical altercations, you need to be ready to deal with whatever the world of work has to throw at you. To alleviate your fears, a hired security guard should always be a consideration. So, what are the signs that you require a professional security guard? You lack the resources to handle emergencies If you are a small business it’s hard to cover all bases where emergencies are concerned. A professional security guard is trained to handle all types of emergency situation, from physical conflicts…

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Why You Should Outsource Your Security Guards

When you outsource your security guard needs to a private company, you can be certain of a professional service by fully trained personnel. There’s no need to conduct employee interviews and source a second opinion on candidates if you are inexperienced with security matters yourself. This frees up a worthwhile amount of time, so you can get on with the important job of running your business. All the while, you’ll know that your customers and employees are in the safe hands of a private security professional. Let’s take a look at the reasons why so many small to medium businesses are…

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Does Your Business Have A Security Plan?

As creatures of habit we all like to repeat our daily tasks in a planned and uniform manner so that we know what, how and why a task was done. This is no different while at work and is very important for your business security. Adequate safety and security procedures protect staff and customers, and in many instances they are required by law. They can vary, from simple procedures like double checking a door is locked, to more complicated procedures, like learning how to use an alarm system or coordinating security staff. The size of your business premises This will directly…

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How Safe Is Your Office Security?

Whether you work on a single floor or inside an entire industrial complex, safety and security is always a number 1 priority. But how safe is your office security? That’s what we’ll be answering this month, as Ibwest take a look at safety and security measures you can use to make your office a better place to do business. Carpark CCTV and Lighting Does your car park have good lighting and is it covered by CCTV? If the perimeter of your business is well lit, this alone will deter many types of crime, including burglary and vandalism. The lighting needs to…

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Could Your Business Benefit from the Services of a Security Guard?

Whatever the size of your business, it can be vulnerable to crime and nuisance behaviour that has an impact on employee safety and customer experience, not to mention premises and property damage. This is the mission of security services like Ibwest: to deter crimes from happening in the first place, and in the event of their happening, manage the situation quickly and professionally. In this way, Ibwest security are happy to provide security personnel for retail and industrial sites as well as events, to ensure a discreet service that, should it be needed, is the greatest investment in safety you could…

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Top Ways to Improve Your Business’s Security

To prevent theft and vandalism effectively, a business security system needs to counteract all the weak points of your business’s premises and its internal procedures. In today’s world, it is no longer a case of merely fortifying a property and securing valuable items, such as specialist equipment and money. You must also take online security seriously, to avoid your organisation becoming one of the two-thirds of British businesses that suffered cyberattacks in 2016. In this month’s post, we will list the best methods for improving your security. Risk assessments A risk assessment will address the obvious issues relating to weaknesses in…

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