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What Exactly Does a Security Guard Do?

You may want to employ a security guard to keep an expert eye on your customers, staff and premises, or maybe you’re looking to start an exciting new career in security, and are curious what a security guard is required to do on a daily basis. Whatever the reason, you’ve come to the right place, as this month Ibwest Security is delving into the unique duties a security guard is required to perform.


Be visible to customers

As a business’ frontline of security and safety, it’s reassuring to customers and staff when a security guard is clearly visible. To deter criminals and reassure others, a security guard is typically placed at the entrance, or oversees the reception area, depending on the type of business. The physical presence of a security guard is aided by a uniform, which makes it clear to customers who is on hand to help in case of crime or an emergency.


Vigilance and reporting

A security guard must always be interpreting information on a minute by minute, second by second basis. This means using all senses to actively protect people and property. If an electrical outlet begins to smoulder, a guard knows to neutralise the problem and calmly evacuate people from the area. If thieves attempt to open a fire exit to gain entry, a guard notices the noise and investigates. They also know to be aware when someone averts his/her attention away from criminal activity – particularly theft. After any of these situations, a guard knows who to report information to, whether that’s a supervisor or the police.



Responding to crime and emergencies

When a guard senses or discovers a crisis, the next step is to act accordingly and abide by protocol. This dictates his/her next move and depends entirely on the situation. A guard is trained to react to various dangerous scenarios such as aggression, theft, fire and many others. The key is to keep people safe and property undamaged.



Knowing when to get help

As experienced and well trained as a security guard is, they cannot respond to every threat with adequate force. For serious situations, such as armed robbery and assault with a weapon, a guard knows to call the police and an ambulance when required. They’re also capable of diffusing tense situations with people skills but when this fails, limiting the damage done by assailants while waiting for help is the next best step.



Enforce the rules

A security guard has a diverse role and is expected to enforce the company rules. This is either when a rule is broken by customers or staff, or as a matter of duty. For example, it may be policy to check staff ID cards before entering a building, or that searches be performed as a matter of protocol. In these instances, it is the job of the guard to ensure these rules are adhered to.



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