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Do I Need to Install CCTV for my Business?

CCTV is an increasingly popular security measure used in shops and many other medium-to-large businesses. Should a crime occur on your premises, CCTV will make it easier for the police to charge criminals for their actions and it’s a proven method that has increased conviction rates. This month, Ibwest Security are taking a look at whether your business could benefit from a CCTV system.

Why you need CCTV

Every business takes operational risks, like placing premium merchandise on the shopfloor, where it is vulnerable, or filling a single warehouse with thousands of pounds worth of goods. The potential for attracting theft and vandalism is unavoidable but there are proven ways to make a business a less appealing target.

Wire fences, security doors and electronic tags are all very effective tools but it turns out that being monitored by CCTV is the tool most likely to prevent shoplifting, theft and burglary. Shoplifting alone cost UK businesses £613 million in 2016, so don’t become part of this statistic. For retail premises, choose a CCTV system that is visible but not off-putting to genuine customers.

The benefits of CCTV for your business

  • An effective deterrent
  • Ensures a safe environment for staff and customers
  • Valid evidence against criminals
  • Versatile and can be adapted for the needs of any business

What does CCTV protect?

Cash tills – Unfortunately, cash tills are a target for anyone who enters your business. Criminals are the obvious culprit, but it has been known for regular customers to attempt opportunistic theft from an unattended till, as well as staff members. To make it simple if the till count comes up short, install CCTV that is focused on the till drawer where money is tendered.

Car Parks – Monitoring your car park with CCTV is useful for accurately calculating footfall, deterring theft and settling disputes that occur in the car park. It’s also good for enforcing parking rules and makes for a safer environment all round.

Entrances and Exits – The police have confirmed that a majority of positive criminal identifications come from CCTV footage that’s captured at the entrances and exits to a building. Cover them with a narrow focus for a sharp image, and you could be doing yourself and the police a favour if you ever require their assistance.

Equipment – Protecting your valuable equipment and vehicles is a priority for your business. Cover vehicles, tools and machinery with cameras and you’ll prevent theft, damages and can settle health and safety disputes easily.

Stock and Assets – No matter what kind of business you run, you’ll have either stock, assets or both, and these must be monitored to guarantee their availability for customers and staff.

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