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What Do You Need to Become a Security Guard?

We’ll take you through all you need to know to be a competent and highly respected security guard. Whether you are training for the role or are a veteran in the trade, we have something for everyone, from technical requirements to attitudes and aptitudes. Let’s see what you’ll require to be a security employee that stands out from the rest. SIA Licence For UK security guards, the SIA (Security Industry Authority) regulates the private security industry. They ensure high standards by licensing individuals undertaking defined security activities within the industry, and they manage the Approved Contractor Scheme. This latter duty involves…

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Safety Deposit Boxes vs Home Safes

Home security is especially important if you’re looking to protect valuables and priceless items from burglary. Perimeter fencing, alarms and remote CCTV is all well and good but for total peace of mind, a lockable, secretly concealed safe is sometimes the only option. The key decision you have to make is, should you entrust your valuables to the bank, a high-security premise or take it upon yourself to install an in-house safe? This month, we’ll be considering the pros and cons of safety deposit boxes and in-house safes so you can make an informed decision and choose the correct ultimate protection…

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Could Your Business Benefit from the Services of a Security Guard?

Whatever the size of your business, it can be vulnerable to crime and nuisance behaviour that has an impact on employee safety and customer experience, not to mention premises and property damage. This is the mission of security services like Ibwest: to deter crimes from happening in the first place, and in the event of their happening, manage the situation quickly and professionally. In this way, Ibwest security are happy to provide security personnel for retail and industrial sites as well as events, to ensure a discreet service that, should it be needed, is the greatest investment in safety you could…

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