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How Private Security Helps Your Business

Taking on a private security company to deal with external threats to your business is the best investment you can make that’ll ensure the safety of your employees and premises. It’s inevitable that at some point your property will be victim to some form of criminal activity – whether that’s vandalism, petty theft or burglary.

In these economically rocky times, it’s a smart move to avoid any unnecessary expenditure caused by damages or loss, so opt for a turnkey service in the form of a manned security presence. Below are the top 5 ways in which your business security can be improved by hiring a private firm.


Effective Risk Assessments

Criminals rarely attack a business head on. Instead, they look for weaknesses in advance and exploit them to gain access to what they want. Therefore, you’ll need to remove any obvious gaps in your security plan. Although you may know your business inside and out, this can be a disadvantage when completing a risk assessment, as you may be blind to some obvious problems.

With the help of an external company, you’ll have a professional eye take a look at your business objectively. It won’t just cover physical security measures either, as high-quality risk assessments look closer at the internal processes used by businesses, including cashing up processes and inventory keeping, ensuring all bases are covered.

Discourage Internal Theft

You may depend on your employees and trust them, however, you can never be too careful. Internal crimes of a serious and less serious nature are commonplace in areas such as retail and money handling. Frequent cash monitoring, staff checks and crime awareness training can help to prevent such behaviours.

Install and Monitor Surveillance Cameras

Make your cameras unintrusive to customers but visible to thieves who look out for CCTV systems. Criminals are less likely to attempt a break in if there is a chance they will be traced using video evidence. You can have CCTV remotely monitored overnight too, should you prefer the added layer of security this provides.

Provide an Official Key Holder

Private security specialists provide key holding services that guarantee that alarm activation incidents are attended by a security guard within 20 minutes. The key holder can also open up the premises if the primary key holder is late, which means less wasted time for your employees and no monetary losses caused by a late opening. When it comes to closing time, a dedicated key holder will take the weight off your mind by ensuring the building is completely secure for the night.

Changing Security Codes

A security professional can be in charge of ensuring the security codes to buildings and safes are changed on a regular basis. They can also let employees know the codes by secure means on a need-to-know basis. This is a good tactic to adopt as a matter of high-quality security, but it is also necessary when an employee leaves the company, is fired, or if contractors have recently completed work within your building. This will prevent anyone outside of the business from accessing these codes that would otherwise make your business an easy target.


Ibwest Security is dedicated to providing the highest quality security service to commercial customers throughout Grimsby and Scunthorpe. Our professional guards are available to hire on demand as well as on a contractual basis, so you can benefit from a flexible security service. We offer alarm response, CCTV monitoring, key holding and many other invaluable security services. Contact our team today and we’ll be more than happy to help.


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